Our Services

New Prospect Properties is ready to assist you with your home inspections providing you with all the information you need when purchasing a home. We will furnish a report detailing the condition of the home you are purchasing and the information you need to obtain insurance and help you get the credits and pricing you deserve.

Real Estate Home Inspections
Before you purchase a home, know its structural strengths and weaknesses with help from our home inspectors. Most buyers don't look beyond the plaster, which means they don't know about the hidden problems in a home. Our inspections provide you with a better idea of the quality and deficiencies of the property you are considering.

4-Point Inspections
If the home you are buying is older than 25 years old, your insurance company requires a home inspection. We check water flow, plumbing, electrical systems and wiring to ensure they are up to code. The report will assist your insurance company with its decision whether or not to issue an insurance policy on your home.    

Wind Mitigation
Our wind mitigation inspection lets your insurance company know how your home was built and furnishes them with the information needed to obtain the credits you deserve and how to better protect your home in the case of a severe storm, also to ensure your home is properly protected when it comes to withstanding a hurricane.

If you have quality wind protection, such as high-velocity wind shutters, you may be eligible for discounts on your wind storm insurance. We also check your doors, garage doors, and the rating of your impact windows to help you receive the credits you deserve.

Roof Certifications
Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, so be sure of its stability with our certification work. We inspect your roof to check the condition and estimate its life expectancy. Our findings help us determine whether your roof is free from leaks and water damage